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​   General Bookkeeping 
        Bookkeeping completed at HLC Office via remote access - $60.00 per hour 

        Quote is based on remote house call and the following packages: 

              1) 2 hours per week - $480.00/month (minimum) 
              2) 4 hours per week - $640.00/month 
              3) 8 hours per week - $960.00/month 

    On-site QuickBooks Services and Administrative Consulting  

     1) A Day On-site QuickBooks and Administrative Consulting - $640 per day (8 hours) 
                Remote QuickBooks and Administrative Consulting - $540 per day (8 hours)
          HLC Bookkeeping will:  
              1) Reconcile all bank, credit card, loan accounts 
              2) Prepare Preliminary Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, 
                  Profit & Loss by Month and Year-to-Date, Accounts Receivable 
                  aging and Accounts Payable aging), questions to Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant as 
                  needed and make changes as necessary.
              3) Rerun statements listed above if changes were made. HLC will then review the reports with 
                  designated company representative. 

      2) A Day On-site QuickBooks Set-Up, Training or Troubleshooting issues - $640 per day (8 hours) 

    ​Cash Flow Anaylsis and Strategy Implementation 
      HLC will review the last three years financial statements, determine cash flow needs on a monthly        
      basis and implement a strategy to eliminate cash flow issues. 

      Cash Flow Analysis and Strategy Implementation  
             1 hour per week - $400/month 
             2 hours per week - $800/month 
             3 hours per week - $1,200/month 

​    Business Management Consulting - $100 per hour 
     We will develop a plan with you to focus on your top opportunity improvements and decide on the best         schedule to work through the plan to success. 

Websites by HLC
  • We use Homestead websites to help you design easy to manage website(s).
  • Domain registration available
  • Sites range from $7.99-$65.99 per month.
  • HLC offers design creation and maintenance - $80 per hour.

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Our one (1) hour free remote house call 
will provide the opportunity for our HLC Business Advisors to learn about your business and identify opportunities to support your  goals for success.