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Ask us about Bionic Bookkeeping! 
$880 per month 
All of our schedules have taken a sudden 90-degree right turn.  The way we spend our time has been altered by circumstances outside of our control.  We are spending less time out in the field than we normally would, yet our responsibilities remain the same - get the work done and keep the company profitable.

Maybe you already have a QuickBooks Online subscription or desktop software?, If so, we can share with you what reports to run and how to break them down and have the numbers start dictating a clear path.

If not, we can work with what you have and keep moving you forward to better answers.

You may not know but the H in HLC stands for Householder.  In biblical times, the definition of a householder is usually the owner or designated leader of a household.  The duty of a householder is to balance traditional (historical) understanding of God's truth with new insights and applications of how it could be used in our time and situations.  

At HLC, this is how we approach our business analysis.  We look at the historical truth of the numbers and come up with innovative ways that they can be used as a foundation to build from or applied in the future and sometimes they are building blocks or stepping stones to a new direction.  

If you've been wanting to get a handle on your company's cash flow and get a clearer picture of its financial health, now, is the perfect time to evaluate what has happened historically in your business and figure out a way to pivot to profit in this new situation.

If this sounds good to you, please contact HLC.  Our team is waiting to hear from you.

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